An original gift for doctors or physiotherapists.

 Already known at the time of the Pharaohs, who treated certain pains with electric discharges produced by catfish, and then at the time of the Romans, who used electric discharges from torpedo fish, electrotherapy is still a treatment of current interest.

This apparatus in perfect condition was manufactured around 1895 by Richard Ch. Heller & Cie - 18 Cité Trévise - Paris, specialist in electrical apparatus for surgery and medicine. The device and instruments are in a beautiful exotic wood case and the whole constitutes a nice decorative object.

As far as we know, this device is only found in museums, which makes it a truly rare object.

Supplied with various accessories (see photo). Free shipping to France and Switzerland.

Dimensions in cm: H 31 x W 32 x D 28 - Weight: 8.900 Kg (9.900 Kg with shipment packing)

Electrotherapy medical device, late 19th century

  • € 480.00

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