Land Camera Model 2 with 6 accessories
 Made in USA from 1972 to 1977, in good shape and works perfectly well
 A Polaroid classic, with a glass lens and an automatic variable speed/aperture shutter  system, the SX-70 camera represented the peak of the instant photographic experience  when it was first introduced and still remains so today.
The SX-70 has been beloved by artists like Andy Warhol since the 70s. These folding SLRs make great photos.
Dimensions (closed) : L 180 x H 43 x D 105 mm
Weight : 0,600 Kg (0.980 Kg  with accessories and shipment packing)

Remark : the porvair covering, originally black, became slightly greyish, due to age

Included accessories : cable remote shutter button #112, flashbar (5 bulbs left) and flash diffuser #1210, tripod mount #111, close-up lens #121 and accessory holder #113, lens shade #120

To buy films and flashbars for SX-70 :,,,

Polaroid SX-70 Land camera Model 2

  • Fabricant : Polaroid
  • Modèle : Appareil photo
  • Disponibilité : 1
  • € 65.00

Etiquettes : appareil, photo, Polaroid, SX-70