also called sitemeter, model 3806, made in Bern by E. F. Büchi.
 This device with a compass is used to calculate the angle of fire, but also to measure deposits (azimuth) or slopes: it is in very good condition considering its great age and it works perfectly. Note the inscription "KELLER" painted on the front side, which is the name of its former owner.

The push-button visible next to the leather strap (photos 4 & 6) is used to retract the metal bar locking the compass (visible across the compass rose dial). When the bar is retracted, a portion of the compass rose graduated in 3200 mils and a portion of a scale graduated from 0 to 800 (top row) and from 2400 to 32 mils (bottom row) can be seen through a prism in the viewfinder.


The subtraction disc on the back of the device (photo 5) is used to calculate the difference between two angles.

Divisions: 2 x 3200 thousandths
Protection grid: folding
Delivered with its leather case (photo 7)
Dimensions: 61 x 49 x 26 mm
Weight: 132 g (280 g with case and shipment packaging)

Source: compassmuseum

Swiss army artillery sitometer, around 1940

  • € 78.00

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