Japanese Hanakotoba* artistic work with urushi lacquer carved iris flower (ayame), encrusted in lacquered wood framed in wood finely decorated with cherry blossoms (sakura). Author's (Kagawa) seal in urushi lacquer, visible at the bottom left corner.
Work in good condition, with little traces due to its old age. It has to be noted that 1 cm of the far left leaf tip is missing (see picture 4).
* Hanakotoba: Japanese form of the language of flowers, which transmits emotions and directly communicates them without the need to use words. Iris flower is often used as metaphor to designate a lovely woman, notably in theatre, it is also associated to fidelity, hope and wisdom.

Dimensions in inches without frame : 9,25 L x 12,20 H
Dimensions in inches and weight with frame : 14,96 L x 19,48 H  -  2,5 lbs (3,3 lbs with shipment packing)

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Carved iris flower encrusted in lacquered wood, Japan Meiji period (1868-1912)

  • Brand: Kagawa
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