This silver plated double tray also includes 2 glass bowls and 2 silver plated spoons GK SAXONIA 90. Four punches are clearly visible on the right tray, B, WMFG, I/O and OX, their signification is:

  • B = Britannia-metal, alloy composed approximately of 93 percent tin/étain/Zinn, 5 percent antimony/antimoine/Antimon, and 2 percent copper/cuivre/Kupfer, used for making various utensils.
  • WMFG with running ostrich (company's symbol) = Württembergische Metallwaren Fabrik, founded in 1880 and which became by 1900 the world's largest producer and exporter of decorative objects and household items, principally JUGENDSTIL (Art Nouveau) style. G = Geislingen, where WMF was and still is established.
  • I/O = Normal thickness of silver-plating
  • OX = oxidized to give patina

Dimensions in mm : 240 L x 194 H x 114 D
Weight : sole double tray 351 g - with bowls and spoons 580 g (700 g with shipment packing)

Art Nouveau - Jugendstil silver sauces holder, 1903-1910

  • € 240.00

Tags: wmf, art nouveau, jugendstil, silver, sauces, holder, 1903-1910, geislingen