Dutch silver diamond-shaped trinket 833/1000, showing three men who are sitting around a small round table, one pours wine in a mug under the gaze of the second and a young girl, while the third seems to discuss with another person, not visible.

This trinket is in perfect condition and the four hallmarks are clearly visible (image 3):

  • the maker's mark in a rhombus (ZZ framing a hammer)
  • that of the second title 833/1000, hexagonal (walking lion, with the number 2, used from 1814 to 1933)
  • that of the assayer, round (head of Minerva with the letter A on the helmet, used from 1814 to 1933)
  • the year, round (letter R corresponding to 1927)

infos sur les poinçons gracieusement fournies par ABACOR Paris 

Dimensions and weight : 85 L x 65 H  -  26 g (100 g with shipment packing)

Solid silver bowl with embossed tavern scene, 1927

  • Product Code: Antiquités, arts de la table
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  • € 70.00

Tags: 1920s, 20s, 1927, sterling, 833, punch, bowl, solid silver, plate, gift, wine, pub, tavern, scene