manufactured by WMF in the early 20th century, in perfect condition.
Silver plated frame and glass container.
On the underside, the 3 hallmarks WMFG, I/O and OX can be clearly seen, the meaning of which is:

  • WMFG with running ostrich (company's symbol) = Württembergische Metallwaren Fabrik, founded in 1880 and which became by 1900 the world's largest producer and exporter of decorative objects and household items, principally JUGENDSTIL (Art Nouveau) style. G = Geislingen, where WMF was and still is established.
  • I/O = Normal thickness of silver-plating
  • OX = oxidized to give patina

Dimensions in mm & weight : Ø 105, H 185  -  300 g (420 g with shipment packing)

Louis XVI style silver and glass sugar bowl, 1930s

  • € 78.00

Tags: wmf, silver, glass, sugar, bowl, 1930s, geislingen, gdr, germany, ancient